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About Casey Hoffman Design

I am Casey Hoffman, owner of Casey Hoffman Design, and I have been in the advertising field for more than 35 years, both at advertising agencies and working freelance.

My graphic arts talents have grown over the years to include cutting edge skills in HTML5 and CSS3 website design, digital illustration and photograph enhancement.

I continue to learn new modalities as they become available, as I am always looking for a new challenge in the world of graphic arts! Bring me an idea and I will do my best to transform it into reality.

My Portfolio

Latest Projects

Susan Wakeen Studio
Official Studio Site for the artist Susan Wakeen

Healthcare Resources International, LLC
Placement Agency for foreign healthcare progessionals

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Casey Hoffman Design

Web Presence, Print Presence, Fine Art

My Skills

Graphic Artist.
All I ever wanted to be from the time I was 8 was an artist. I learned graphic arts when it was truely "cut and paste". I was on the front line of every technology from typesetting to computer graphics when they became available in the workplace. As far as I am concerned, graphic arts is the perfect marriage of logic and creativity, and it has been an exciting and challenging career for me over the years.

Fine Artist
I'm sure that one of the first things I ever held was a crayon, and there was no turning back from there. Drawing, painting and sculpting are my heart and soul. I continually try to learn new techniques and medias from anyone who is willing to teach me, and I learn on my own when no one is available to show me the way. For the most part I am self-taught, and I am always looking for a new way to express my creativity.

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